Erica Synths New Fusion VCO V2 - With A Valve In

US Unique sounds will shake the room      03/05/19

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Erica Synths today announced their new Fusion VCO V2 a VCO with a valve in and unique BBD based de-tune parameter. The fulsome demo will give you an idea of what sort of unique sounds it is capable of. We like the sound of it.

The core of the module is highly stable AS3340-based VCO with three simultaneously available waveforms, transistor-based suboscillator and detune function – two BBD delay lines that make frequency shifter that is mixed back to the principal oscillator in order to emulate two detuned VCOs. Tube crunch – distinct tube overdrive - is added on the top of the mix. Furthermore, Audio input mixes an external audio signal with the principal oscillator which results in crazy sonic experience. Fusion VCO2 is exactly what you need, if you wish to get really low frequencies and have a sound that sets your modular system apart from mass!

its going to be around £250/€300 street.


  • Full analogue design
  • Great tracking over 8 octave range
  • Detune function for thickening the sound
  • -1 oct transistor based suboscillator
  • Tube overdrive circuit
  • External audio input
  • VCO synchronization
  • Simultaneous waveform outputs

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