Unique Tuned Percussion Kontakt Instrument

US Tines & Echoes is the first in Soundiron's Hopkin Instrumentarium series      01/05/19

Soundiron has announced the Hopkin Instrumentarium, which they describe as an inspiring and distinctive series of bespoke, hand-made instruments for Kontakt 6 Player. The first release is Tines & Echoes, a unique hand-crafted tuned percussion instrument created by instrument designer and sound sculptor Bart Hopkin. Here’s the details from Soundiron...

Tines & Echoes is a pentagonal sound box with 25 chromatically-tuned metal tines, each with a pair of sympathetic strings spanning the sound board. Rather than tuning the strings to their respective tines, they are tuned randomly so as to resonate in exciting and unpredictable combinations.When the tines are plucked, they produce a sharp, crisp water-drop sound that reverberates through the sympathetic strings and across the instrument in a soft ghostly ring, reminiscent of the celestial wash you hear when playing the un-dampened top octave of a piano.

It's Made For Kontakt 6 Player and is compatible with Komplete Kontrol and S-Series hardware.

Tines & Echoes is the first installment in this expansive collection of unusual and inventive acoustic instruments, with more to come! We've faithfully sampled the tine plucks and percussive hand-slaps on the instrument body with two stereo mic positions, capturing this unique musical contraption in fine detail.

This library contains a fully-customizable user interface, modular FX rack and 20 custom factory presets along with a wide variety of hand-crafted signature sound-designed ambient and cinematic content - created from the raw acoustic source to give you tons of inspiration and complete creative possibilities.

Pricing and Availability:
Tines & Echoes is on sale until May 14th for $29.00 (MSRP $39)

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