Moogfest 2019: STG Soundlabs .VCO Analog Relaxation Core

New random pitch drift Eurorack module      01/05/19

STG Soundlabs were showing their brand new .VCO  which is an 8HP VCO  "analogue relaxation core"" oscillator with sawtooth, triangle, and sub octave square wave outputs, and an integrated drift generator. 

Bubba Ayoub gave us the lowdown on the new module, which is aiming to be released this Summer priced at $200.

The module features a Drift Generator, which  could be described as a drunken walk, or perhaps a random wobbulator. In technical language, it is a random, in rate and peak, bipolar linear function generator with smoothing. Some people patch their entire synthesizer to do what this thing has built in! It can move veeeery slowly or squiggle very quickly. Its output is normalized to the modulation input, so it can be easily defeated by plugging a new source into the modulation jack. 

More info:

Thanks to JoE Silva from QRM Productions for the shoot.


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