A Celesta For Kontakt

Chocolate Audio releases Celestial      12/04/19

Chocolate Audio tells us that Celestial is a sampled celesta done right. They say that, balanced and smooth, it will fit into any composition nicely with little need for intervention in mix. This particular celesta is a very old Mustel made in Paris and properly maintained and restored by skilled technicians in Milano.


  •  0.5 GB (lossless compressed) library size, 449 samples
  •  4 layered channels: Spot mics with AKG C414EB, Decca mics with AKG C451E-CK22 and 2 additional sound-designed options, Hyped and Diffuse
  • sustaining sounds, chromatically sampled
  • release trails, chromatically sampled
  • independently controllable sustain-pedal noise
  • sampled with Millennia preamps fed direct into Apogee converters
  • all of the details of the celesta recreated through the use of our custom advanced scripting
  • recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
  • easy-to-use mixer for extreme sound-mangling


Kontakt engine features

  • custom User Interface
  • velocity curve management
  • fine-tuned three-band EQ for each channel
  • many under the hood techniques to make the instrument true to the original (release trails attenuation, intelligent release and pedal action...)
  • master realism control and specific control over release trails, key off, resonances and pedal noise levels
  • envelope controls
  • 101 custom, high quality IR reverbs
  • 22 (+ 22) compressor + tape presets
  • 17 factory presets + user-savable presets
  • works as stand-alone, AAX, RTAS, AU and VST for Mac and PC


Pricing and Availability:

$29 introductory price. (regular price: $49)

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