808 And 909 Sounds For Elektron Groovebox

Two new soubd packs released Model:Samples alongside an OS update      18/02/19

Elektron tells us that they have released an OS update for their Model:Samples groovebox which was announced last month. They say that they have refined the performance and fixed minor bugs in the operating system of their new machine, and would advise any early birds who have already received or will receive their Model:Samples unit shortly to install v1.01.from the resource page.

Also new are two soundpacks. Here's the details direct from Elektron...

Sound Pack for Model:Samples by Auvrel
This Sound Pack for Model:Samples taps into the classic drum sounds of the Roland TR-808 that permeated the 80s and beyond. The 72 samples, courtesy of Elektron resident Auvrel, cover all kinds of percussion, with nods to the iconic clicky snares and hi-hats as well as the booming bass drum that helped set the tempo for so many genres that hold electronic music at its heart.

Thump & Smack
Sound Pack for Model:Samples by Goldbaby
With Thump & Smack, Goldbaby has cultivated a sound pack inspired by the classic Roland TR-909. All the punchiness of that legendary unit is laid out in front of you on the pads with this Sound Pack, offering you access to 12 kits that you can twist into your very own monstrous beats.

Pricing and Availability:

ORN-808 and Thump & Smack cost £7 each

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