Behringer: Significant Price Drops - Its Official

US Up to 40% less across all brands      22/10/18

Behringer: Significant Price Drops - Its Official

Alongside the never ending stream of synth clone teasers, circuit board shots and other sensational news drops, you may have seen various low key messages, via the Behringer Facebook page, posts on forums - mentioning deals and price drops on a number of Behringer products in recent weeks, some quite significant. Is this just pointing out a few good deals, or part of a wider strategy?

Uli Behringer:

We are now offering price reductions up to 40% -  across all brands and products – and with immediate effect. Since then our order books have tripled and we’re working extremely hard to ramp up production in order to meet demand.

But we won’t stop here and the next step is to move towards complete Cobots or Collaboration Robotics ( as well as digital transformation. We feel confident that will be able to further lower our prices in the future.

As Behringer have mentioned, they have recently moved to  brand new factory complex - Music Tribe City in Zhongshan on the western side of the Pearl River,  where economy of scale, lower labour costs and production techniques are able to shave margins even tighter - it's something that few other companies are able to achieve on this scale.

This level of  dominance will inevitably be seen by some as a malevolent force, a sort of evil empire, and it's true, Behringer’s aggressive pricing and straight clone product design, have resulted in a muscular entry to certain product ranges, making waves and putting noses out of joint. But its simplistic to suggest that its all just that.  To give credit to their team, there are also original and innovative products: X32, DeepMind 12, Neutron, Midas Live consoles too. It's also working:

Btw Model D is now the best selling synth worldwide and closely followed by Neutron. We are thrilled:-) So much more to come:-)

Blatant commercialism does not always sit well in creative industries, there are countless examples of companies being run along traditional big business paradigms which have and are failing due to a complete lack of understanding of the culture of creativity.  

Having an individual in charge who actually is a musician and values engineers - as well as having a clear, (killer?) commercial instinct, is quite unique on this scale.

As Uli Behringer says:

We are about providing amazing products At amazing prices and awarding our customers who  have helped us build our company.

Yeah, it's heavy on corporate messaging, but maybe that’s just the truth of it.

After all, what is the alternative answer - that it's purely cynical commercialism? Perhaps the truer answer is that it's a mix of both, but ultimately Behringer products just got even more affordable and we (the public and professionals) are buying them in significant numbers.

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