The Gnat Special Retro Review

US Jason Jervis presents      28/08/18

Jason Jervis has released another video - this time on the EDP Gnat Special, which was a sort of deluxe version of the original GNAT from British manufacturer Electronic Dream Plant. They also made the WASP in 1980 - another budget synth. Featuring the same touch keyboard and selling for a remarkable £99 which, according to the online inflation calculator, is equivalent to around £416 in todays money - which these days would buy you a Korg Minilogue.

The Gnat is a pretty basic affair, but somehow has plenty of character, no doubt in part to Chris Hugget's input  - he's a smart guy.

Jason Jervis shows us his very own Gnat deluxe - with real wood, it was one of only around 50 made.

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