Free Space Inspired Geodesics Modules For VCV Rack

Black Holes, Pulsars, Branes and Ions      28/08/18

We've just been told about a new collection of modules from Pyer and Marc Boulé called Geodesics. They are inspired by astronomic events and physical theories, and while created for the free, virtual Eurorack modular environment VCVRack, they are also created to emulate true hardware - knobs and buttons, right click actions kept to a minimum, which does bring up and interesting concept of using VCVRack as a hardware prototyping system, but that's another topic.

And, like the VCVRack software , Geodesics are also free - just register and download.

Modules are: 

  • Black Holes: 8 vcas in two groups of 4, it’s also two mixers with 4 channels each.
  • Pulsars: rotating 8 to 1 and 1 to 8 selectors with crossfades in between each signal.
  • Branes: 2 groups of seven S&H driven by the same trigger source. Triggers can be summed for polyrhythmic effects.
  • Ions: two voices sequencer. While each voice has its own sequence, they can exchange their steps as easily as an electron can jump from one atom to another.


There's a playlist of music in which Geodesic modules were used by a number of artists:

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