Nektar PACER A DAW And MIDI Foot Controller

US 11 buttons, 6 external inputs      22/03/18

Nektar PACER A DAW And MIDI Foot Controller

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Nektar Tchnologies have just announced a new controller to add to their range of integrated MIDI controllers. This time its a MIDI floor controller which features 11 footswitch controls each with a backlit RGB LED displays.

Nektar PACER

PACER also has up to 6 prgrammable external footswitch control inputs for accessing even more parameters. It seems like this could be a great addition to a live rig or studio based control of DAW, which was what PACER was originally desigend to do.


Nektar say:

 “Originally, PACER was intended to be a DAW controller providing musicians with hands-free control of their computer music setup”, says Nektar Chief Niels Larsen. “Then enthusiasm got the better of us and we couldn’t help adding a host of useful additional control functionality. Now you can also control MIDI preamps or effects as well as switching channels and reverb on non-MIDI amps with the on-board relays. PACER’s switching power will boost your creativity whether you are recording or playing live.”


  • 10 programmable footswitches each with RGB LED
  • 1 preset footswitch
  • 2 row LED display
  • 1 encoder with push switch for programming, navigation and control
  • 24 user configurable presets
  • 2 Read-only presets for DAW track and transport control
  • Sends up to 16 MIDI messages or relay switches on preset recall
  • Up to 6 MIDI messages or actions programmable for each control
  • 2 expression pedal sockets
  • 2 TRS jack connectors for up to 4 external footswitches
  • 2 TRS jack connectors for controlling up to 4 switch sockets (FX or channels)
  • MIDI output (USB MIDI interface/direct MIDI connection)
  • USB connector for connecting to a computer, USB host or USB power supply (for power only)
  • PSU socket: DC 9V / 600mA, center negative (PSU not included)
  • Factory Presets include Line 6 Pod and Helix, Fractal Audio AxeFX, Avid Eleven Rack, Kemper Profiler, Elektron Octatrack Pickup Machine, Electro Harmonix 45000 Looper, MIDI Machine Control, a Relay Preset for non-MIDI amps and more.
  • Nektar DAW integration for Transport and Track control

PACER is available in April 2018 priced at: $229.99 US / £199.99 / €229.99 MAP

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