NAMM 2018: Build Your Own Mixer

US Finegear's Mixerblocks modular DIY analog mixing console can evolve with your needs      27/01/18

NAMM 2018: Build Your Own Mixer

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Finegear has launched a new modular DIY analog mixing console that is tailored to grow with your routing needs. A completely original concept, the Mixerblocks series is a modular and expandable analog audio mixing console. A variable number of channel strips can be connected like building blocks between themselves and to a main I/O docking-block. Each channel-block can have one or more extra-blocks connected to it, adding supplementary effect sends, returns or submix groups to the configuration.

Musicians, producers and sound-engineers can customize the configuration of their console according to their needs. They can also extend the functionalities of any audio channel with additional features such as FX send/returns, subgroups, etc.

Finegear says that Mixerblocks adapts to various music production environments, from home studios to rehearsal rooms to live concerts, and it is compatible to the lifestyle of groups on the go and to the collaborative workflow of music making.

Mixerblocks is a DIY project with a choice of enclosures: MDF or sheet metal. Most of the parts are SMD and already soldered on the PCBs. All that's left to assemble are the controls and a few through-hole parts, making this an easy beginner's build.
Different types of channel strips and extra effects and submixes attach to a Main Docking Block with durable connectors and are fixed into place like the pieces of a puzzle, thanks to the clever design of the MDF enclosure. A basic input channel is available for now, while other types of channels, such as tube preamps and passive equalizers, are currently the subject of design and development.

Inside each channel, the preamp and EQ boards are separate, allowing for various groupings. The current input channel is also designed to be compatible with the Colour format from DiYRE. The project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, to encourage others to design their own compatible blocks and develop the Mixerblocks palette.

Pricing and Availability:
The Basic Channel Block is available now for 90€ (+20€ for the MDF case). Shipping in February 2018.
The Main Docking Block is available now for 180€ (+30€ for the MDF case). Shipping in February 2018.
The Extra Blocks series will follow shortly in March 2018.

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