MESSE 2017: Kii Three Professional - This Speaker Might Be The Best You Ever Heard

US Huge range, extremely flat response      10/04/17
    MP4 10:10 mins    

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New speaker company Kii Audio officially launched their Kii Three studio monitors at Musikmesse,  we went along to take a look as we'd heard good things about them. And the rumours were true. The full range sound is very impressive, coming from a relatively small unit, they sound massive. The bottom end goes all the way down and sounds more like traditional large studio monitors - the sort that are mounted inside the wall - soffit mounted they call it.

The stereo imaging was also very impressive, with a detailed, deep sound and plenty of volume.

The Kii Three has 6 discrete speaker all powered by class D amplification - in fact the guy who designed them (Bruno Putzeys) invented the Class D amp - you'll find these in pretty much all active monitors.

What makes the Kii more advanced is the DSP which allows a response form 20Hz to 25kHz to  +/- 0.5dB, which is incredibly flat in terms of what is achievable these days. It also allows for control of the timing and phase coherency with each speaker - they have 6 channels  4 subs, 1 woofer, 1 tweeter. Using some clever DSP processing, the bass is focussed forward in a cardioid pattern, even with 2 subs facing the sides and two rear facing, I have no idea how this is even possible, but its a technique used in some large cabinet PA speakers too. Each driver is tightly controlled via the DSP to ensure extremely accurate phase coherency between them, and in the listening session we had with them we can say they do sound great. Reviews for these speakers have been glowing, with Phil Ward of Sound on Sound saying they "might just be the best loudspeakers in the world".

You should be warned that these speakers are not so much for the cost conscious, the price runs to around €10,000 a pair. Yes you did read that right.

Even with this high ticket price, Kii Aufio have had to ramp up production to meet the demand. The Kii Threes are selling like hot cakes. From broadcast studios to hip hop producers and orchestral production, the Kii Three appears to be the speaker to have assuming you can afford them.

After the presentation, we talked to the CEO of Kii Audio, Chris Reichardt.




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