Sonic LAB: Akai MPC Live First Look

We check out the new standalone MPC      14/01/17
    MP4 22:13 mins    

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We've been waiting, as have many of you no doubt for the details of the new Akai MPC Live. It's the first standalone MPC from Akai for some time, the last major release was the MPC Touch - the touch screen controller for Akai's MPC Software.

Enter the MPC Live. This is a self contained MPC which runs Akai's new MPC 2.0 - this software works on desktop too and is completely compatible - the MPC Live can run as an MPC Touch too - just a button press away.

What makes the MPC Live a more exciting proposition is that it is completely stand alone. With full MPC style features, plus up to 8 track linear stereo playback, you can use this to run tracks alongside your MPC beats and samples. Additionally there's the new Clip Launch Feature which offers a 4x4 audio clip launch matrix in addition to the the audio tracks and  sequencing.

With a total of  64 stereo voices, you should be able to run complex arrangements as well as plenty of real-time performance.

Touch screen - this is a new multi-touch screen with a more sensitive response than the Touch, really pretty snappy and makes quite a difference to the overall responsiveness.

6 audio outputs, minijack headphone out,  2x MIDI inputs and outputs, 2x USB host ports for connecting USB storage, MIDI controllers, QWERTY keyboard etc. USB 3.0 port for connecting to host computer - 2.0 compatible.

20GB internal SSD with 10GB of sample content, additional eSATA connector for more storage.

Power connector and internal Li battery with over 4 hours life - we ran the whole shoot on battery power with juice to spare.

It really feels like Akai have pulled it all together with the MPC Live - the additional features mean this could really be the heart of a composition system and also the heart of a live performance rig too. I can see many people just buying this for that purpose only. I can't think of any other hardware that can do what this does.

The price is pretty impressive too - £799 UK €999 Euros and $1199 US makes it a very viable option. It feels like Akai really got this right.




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