New Mune Electron Instrument Launched

US Digital performance instrument and MIDI controller Kickstarted      16/08/16

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We brought you the initial news of The Mune back in May and now a Kickstarter campaign has launched to fund the instrument. A video which shows a run-through of all the ways you can use the Mune has also been posted. Here's what the designers have to say in their own words...

The Mune is a brand new device that combines the power of digital music gear with the simplicity, soul and expressiveness of an acoustic instrument.

  • The Mune is a digital instrument inspired by acoustic instruments
  • It's expressive, simple to pick up and play, and allows your audience to easily see the interactions you have with sound
  • Mune apps allow you to do everything from playing piano and synthesizer, to making drum beats and DJing
  • You do not need to be a musician or technical person to use the Mune! We promise!

We're running a Kickstarter campaign in order to overcome the upfront costs of manufacturing the Mune so that it can reach the hands of musicians around the world!

What Does it Sound Like?
It can sound like anything - and like nothing you have heard before! Apps allow the Mune to have a never-ending stream of new sounds and modes to play: Sequence beats, play melodies and chords, control effects, DJ.

How Does it Work?

  • Open Mune Symphony on your computer/laptop
  • Turn on the Mune and watch it automatically connect to Symphony
  • Launch a Mune App
  • Play!

Can I Control My Current Music Software or Hardware?
Yes! You can use the Mune to control virtually any other music software or hardware via MIDI. Control Ableton Live, Traktor, GarageBand, Resolume and a whole lot more. You can even use a USB-MIDI to DIN/CV converter to hook it up to your analog hardware. There may be a stretch goal to add a MIDI DIN or CV port if we get enough support for it!

For Developers
... And those who want to be developers. Customize the Mune software and easily create your own apps! Open source runs through our veins at Mune. Mune's embedded software and many apps will be made open source.

Apps by 3rd party developers can be shared through Symphony.

Pricing and Availability:
See website listed below.

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