MatrixBrute - In Split Mode - Now We Get It

US Two disctinct voices, one sequenced and one played      11/08/16

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Split-Mode-sequencer by yves-usson

Designer Yves Usson has quietly been posting videos testing the upcoming Arturia MatrixBrute on his Daily Motion channel. In this one he's showing the split mode with sequencer which appears to demo, the MatrixBrute with Sequencer on lower half of the keyboard and a top lead line. Sort of like a mono Jupiter 8! (or rather two monos...)

He says:

Demonstration of the Split Mode: the keyboard is divided in two halves, the left side is used to transpose the sequencer while the right is used to play leads. This is direct recording, internal BBD stereo echo, no post-processing. Note: please show leniency to my keyboard playing, I don't pretend being a musician.

We're still waiting for the final release schedule for the MatrixBrute, but hope it will be soon...


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