Tell Me About: Running A Label - Serein Records

We talk to Serein Label owner Huw      23/06/16
    MP4 7:12 mins    

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These days record labels are largely redundant right? Well actually no, there's a growing movement of boutique labels who release music with character. These labels, such as Welsh label Serein, as well as releasing in multiple formats,  digital and streaming, small vinyl runs and physical media, appear to be thriving.

It seems that having a strong sonic imprint is one of the keys, and if you listen to the material available at Serein, then you'll see how things are working out. Its got a real sense of same about it. We've been enjoying it here at Sonic Towers today. This is no doubt due to the strong musical instinct of label owner Huw - who we spoke to at Cymru Beats this weekend in Cardiff.





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