Sonic LAB: New Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

US Office, Robot and Arcade are the new devices      14/03/16
    MP4 21:52 mins    

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Swedish hipster design house Teenage Engineering brought us the unusual OP-1, like a VL-tone on steroids (and some), and last year the unique Pocket Operators (PO12, PO-16, PO-14) - these, super-portable, battery powered,  pocket calculator style digital instruments are most unusual. We reviewed the full set back then, but now there are three more to add to the collection. Bringing the total set up to six.

PO-24 Office

Samples of classic vintage office hardware, plus solo feature

PO-28 Robot

Live synthesizer voice with 15 sound 8-bit chip-tune melody engine, plus rhythm

PO-20 Arcade

Classic 80's arcade style sounds with additional chord playback function.

All feature a 16 step sequencer, parameter lock, 128 pattern chaining and punch in effects. And are how shall we put this, a unique way of creating music, but actually proved to be pretty addictive.

We asked Gaz Williams to take a look at the range as well as the optional silicon cases, which while adding greatly to the experience are rather pricey.

It's not for everyone, but certainly has a unique, ultra-portable appeal.

Pocket Operators are €69 each, with the cases priced at €39 each


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