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Interactive keyboard course can now work wirelessly with acoustic pianos      11/03/16

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The team behind Skoove, an online piano learning app have been in touch to tell us that the  learning platform can now work wirelessly with acoustic pianos and that they are launching a brand new course: the world's first interactive online keyboard course for music producers. Here's their press release:


It's now possible to learn to play the piano with online music teacher, Skoove, using an acoustic piano.  And, thanks to a sophisticated sound algorithm co-developed with experts at the renowned Fraunhofer IDMT research institute, Skoove can now determine whether students hit the right notes simply by listening through your computer's microphone. That means no more annoying cables and an even more seamless, smoother piano learning experience.

Powered by its unique pedagogical approach, Skoove's sophisticated platform ensures  novices and more experienced piano players can learn to play, refine their skills, and develop their music theory knowledge, simply by using a browser and a piano or keyboard.

"With its fun and unique online music teacher, Skoove strives to be the perfect blend of music, pedagogy, and technology. An important element of our technology is reliable sound analysis, especially in the detection of chords," explains Florian Plenge, CEO of Skoove. "Together with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT), we've successfully developed a sophisticated algorithm that reliably detects the tones of an acoustic piano. This efficient real-time analysis achieves a very low latency, making for a very fluid overall learning experience. "

"Since leaving the beta phase in November 2015, our music students have played more than 35,000 online lessons. And, thanks to Skoove, they've successfully made their first steps in playing the piano," says Plenge. "To coincide with this release, we're also launching two new advanced courses so that our students can up their game even more."

Skoove regularly adds more courses that contain its distinctive, proven mix of popular songs and classic, and music theory tips and techniques. On top of a new course for intermediate players, Skoove also is launching its first special interest course, an exclusive keyboard course for music producers that features iconic dance tracks.

How Skoove works
Skoove works with most popular web browsers and offers an extensive collection of curated courses, delivering the guided lessons in small, easy steps. With its adaptive learning that matches the student's pace and provides instant feedback, students can start playing their first melodies after a few minutes and full songs in just a few hours.

About Skoove
Skoove is a fun and effective music learning platform that offers the world's first interactive online piano lessons. Based on an innovative pedagogical method, Skoove works via most popular web browsers to deliver highly interactive, expertly designed lessons. All you need to get started is an acoustic piano, keyboard, or e-piano, and a computer that's connected to the internet.

Founded in August 2014 by cofounders Dr Florian Plenge (CEO) and Stephan Schulz (COO), Skoove is based in Berlin, Germany and completed a seed funding round led by the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) in 2015.

A graduate of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin, Skoove is supported by the Microsoft Ventures Alumni Program globally.

Pricing and Availability:
Skoove is available worldwide in English and German. Beginners, refreshers, and intermediate players can try it out with free lessons and then upgrade to Skoove Premium to enjoy full access, one on one learning support, and exclusive content with new lessons and music theory tips. Skoove Premium currently costs £7.95 (UK), $9.95 (U.S.), and €9.95 (Europe) per month.

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