Arturia - Beatstep Now In Limited Edition Black

US Nigel Tuffnel would be pleased      09/02/16

Arturia - Beatstep Now In Limited Edition Black

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Couldnt resist the obscure (for some of you) Spinal Tap reference, but Arturia have announced a limited edition run of black Beatstep (not the Pro) and MiniLab controller. Both come with additional software -Beatstep - Oberheim SEM V, Analog Lab and Ableton Live 9 Lite.

MiniLab - Oberheim SEM V, Analog Lab, Ableton Live 9 Lite, and UVI Grand Piano Model D.

So if its all thats been stopping you from buying either, you now have no excuses.

Beastep Features:

16 pad Beats mode for playing with the Drum sound source of your choice

Sequencer Mode - 16 step Midi not sequencer

Controller Mode - program each pad/knob to do your bidding



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