iZotope Releases RX Final Mix

US Plug-in that puts every sound in its place is on sale during June      23/06/15

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iZotope tells us that RX Final Mix is a real-time plug-in for controlling your peaks and giving your mixes and sub-mixes a smooth sonic balance. They say that the RX Final Mix plug-in, the newest member of the RX family of post production tools, is built specifically for audio post production professionals and video editors.

A spokesperson told us, "The Dynamic EQ and True Peak limiter are optimized with intelligent DSP for both maximum sound quality and True Peak compliance with the latest loudness standards (BS.1770-2/3, EBU R128, etc.). This processing delivers reactive, program-dependent, and more transparent mix results, giving you loud and impactful mixes with on-spec True Peak levels. Ensure clearer dialogue, maximum sonic impact, and more accurate mix compliance with RX Final Mix!"

Here's more details in iZotope's own words:

Key Highlights:

  • No more muddy mixes! Modern, intelligent processing adds space, depth, and life to your audio. Balance a wide variety of audio assets in a single mix, ensuring that everything can be heard. Transparent dynamic control helps unmask dialogue frequencies by dynamically reducing the frequencies on other stems.
  • Designed specifically for Post. An intuitive, easy-to-use workflow is built around the needs of post production professionals with support for up to 7.1 surround. Get delivery-specific presets and visual feedback. Save time with a condensed Microview that offers quick access to important metering information.
  • Lightweight, versatile, and efficient. Tackle all types of program material with multiple post tools in a single product. Low CPU usage and minimal latency means no loss of sync in DAWs and NLEs, so you can execute your inspiration whenever it strikes.

RX Final Mix combines common post tools into a single lightweight, efficient, and easy-to-use product that tackles all types of program material.

Dynamic EQ
The days of tedious EQ correction are over! The Dynamic EQ provides reactive, intelligent control over the frequency spectrum. The processing is reactive to the incoming signal, so it will only boost and cut when needed, rather than coloring your audio throughout your mix. Transparently carve out sections of the spectrum to ensure dialogue intelligibility -- keeping your music, effects, and ambience out of the way of important dialogue frequencies.

Deliver smooth mixes that maximize your loudness without clipping and transparently meet True Peak specs. The Limiter increases the loudness of your mix without adding distortion, reducing peaks with an always-on True Peak ceiling to meet spec. iZotope's mastering-grade limiter is more transparent than the competition, conforming any audio to your delivery specifications.


Pricing and Availability:
On sale through June 30 for $249 (normally $299)

More information:


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