Build A Dirt Cheap Hardware Sampler On A Raspberry Pi

You know you want to      09/06/15

Buying Choices

Regular visitors to the site will know we're big fans of the Raspberry Pi mini computer - a small format, mobile phone processor powered computer with astonishing capabilities. We use three of them  here for a vairety of applications, from controlling cameras to tally lights for the studio to showing real-time stats on a big screen.

In this excellent project by, you can make your very own MIDI sample playback instrument, for around £50.


They have a simple how to with parts list and instructions on the project, which you can build yourself  - though you will need a little experience in this sort of thing. The result is a lot of fun and a great way to get into projects on the Pi. Remeber the latest Pi V2.0 has a dual core 1.4MHz processor and increaed RAM and can run up to six times faster thann the original Pi







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