Dave Smith Tempest Drum Machine Sampled

Raw Series Vol.3 'Analog Tempest' release      08/06/15

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Hello Samples tells us that Raw Series Vol.3 "Analog Tempest" has been released, based on the hybrid analog/digital drum machine of the same name.
A spokesperson told us, "We have maintained our "raw" philosophy, carefully sampling the drum machine with top class preamps without further compression or processing. (and round robin!). You already know that dynamic range is key, but we decided to make a twist and give you the opportunity to use layered kits and add further processing to the Kits with the onboard FX available in your DAWs. The result is an incredible organic sounding library!"


  • More than 8100 painstakingly handcut samples
  • About 750 different sounds (x 6 round robin hits), organized by type and descriptively labelled. (WAV and ABLETON versions)
  • 65 ready to use Machine Group kits.(38 Kits & 27 Instrument)
  • 63 ready to use MPC kits (1000/2500)(36 Kits & 27 Instrument)
  • A Total of 815 Ableton Live Instruments. Including advanced features like Reverb, Saturation, Delay, Freq Shifting, Bit reduction etc.. and an automatic Round Robin management. (Up to six round robin layers).
  • 731 Ableton Sampler patches
  • 19 Sampler XL Instruments
  • 38 Drum Racks Kits
  • 27 Impulse Kits

Everything was run through an SS MP573 (improved Neve 1073), short cables and mastering grade converters (Universal Audio 2192).

Pricing and Availability:

Bundle: 25 Euros (WAV + MPC + Maschine + Live). See website for individual formats.

More information:





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