Wait Is That A Novation MoroderNova?

Glimpse of a synth in Moroder/Sia video      05/05/15

Wait Is That A Novation MoroderNova?

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Mr Moroder is on a roll with several collaboration tracks out from his new album - Deja Vu- his first for over 30 years. The first being a new re-imagining of the 90s classic Tom's Diner, which is a track close to our hearts here at Sonic Towers. But more interestingly, a new track featuring engimatic hair-faced singer Sia - also called Deja Vu.

So what? You may say, but in a short snippet of the video, in which a lovelorn young chap is tormented with endless Sia-a-likes - there's what looks like a special edition Novation MiniNova - called the MoroderNova. We don't know if this actually a new synth from Novation or a special issue. Our contacts at Novation just weren't saying nothing.

What do you think?


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