Mista Bishi Posts Electribe ES2 Sampler Track

Another set from the Electribe master      29/04/15

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The Korg Electribe ES2- Electribe Sampler is proving hard to track down (we tried at MusikMesse but to no avail), still unavailable in the shops, its the second of the new Electribes. We shot a demo and tour with Electribe master Mista Bishi (AKA James Pullen) last year in which he said that he was looking forward to getting in deep with the new Electribe workflow.

It appears he has done just that, with an epic 36 minute piece called Prime Mover uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube. The track notes state that all audio is played unedited from a Korg Elekctribe ES2 sampler. Pretty impressive. This couple with almost no other detailed information on the new ES2 makes it all the more interesting.

Mista Bishi told us:

"it's the sound of 250 patterns being played one after the other in one take.

A live version would last longer as the patterns would be played around with, but the track is one take with no improv. It took just over two weeks to programme, writing on it every evening after work."

There are similarities between the depth of knowledge of the machine that Mista Bishi uses to create tracks and what Elektron's Cenk (AKA Dataline) can acheive on single instruments.

The Korg Electribe Sampler is expected to ship in May 2015 with a street price or around £329/$399.


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