Digitech Polara - Lexicon Verbs, Boutique Style

US Funky looking stomp with a creative sound      11/03/15
    MP4 19:3 mins    

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Seven Lexicon reverb sounds, four knobs, one stomp - that's the Digitech Polara.

There's a clear nod towards the boutique market with the design of the pedal; it's a very striking encasing which feels substantial enough to withstand the rigours of touring.

Digitech seem to be moving in a very particular direction - and why not? They have the resources to build high quality digital modulation, reverb and delay effects.

There's one preset in particular on the Digitech Polara that shows how we've almost come full circle since the eary days of digital rack mount effects.

The Halo preset feels like an interpretation of the Strymon BigSky's interpretation of Eventide's intrepid early work with time and pitch effects.

The Halo preset gives you a 'shimmering' reverb with background modulation, it also creates an octave reverb signal above and below your original signal, which can be a lot of fun with a fully wet mix and a boat load of decay.

Value for money:

With a street price of £109 in the UK and easily findable for around $120 in the US, the Digitech Polara is outstanding value for money.

This is the sort of reverb pedal you could really run almost any signal into - guitar, bass, synth etc. It manages to be small and compact while also serving the two functions you really want a reverb pedal to serve.

It does subtle plate, spring and room sounds well, but it also has the Halo, Reverse and Modulate modes, which inspire creativity and will be of undoubted use to the post-rock ambience junkies out there.

Pros and cons:

It's rugged, it sounds great, and it has a very small pedal board footprint.

The only slight gripe is that sometimes it's easy to completely overshoot the preset you were aiming for because the wheel/knob doesn't lock into place very securely.

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