NAMM 2015: New MUTEC USB Audio Interface

US MC-1.2 is said to regenerate and improve USB audio streams      27/01/15

NAMM 2015: New MUTEC USB Audio Interface

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German company MUTEC has started shipping the MC-1.2, a new USB audio interface which they say is for professional and audiophile use. Here's the details in their own words...

The new MC-1.2 from MUTEC is an USB audio converter usable in professional and homerecording studios due to its various interface options. Based on latest USB streaming technologies, low jitter audio clocks and ultra-low noise circuit designs, the MC-1.2 regenerates and improves USB audio streams usually audibly, which also makes him interesting for audiophile applications.

The MC-1.2 enables for the first time bi-directional conversions between USB audio streams, AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF signals. Signals received at the USB port are converted to five digital audio outputs simultaneously, which allows the connection of multiple receivers at the computer. When selecting one of the digital audio inputs, the signal received is converted to an USB audio stream and sent into the computer. This enables e.g. the simple connection of bi-directional signal exchanging devices to the computer.

The MC-1.2 also works as USB isolator to decouple noisy computers or music servers from your audio equipment. Multiple stages of independent ultra-low noise power supplies are driving individual sections of the circuitry and guarantee for isolation of the incoming USB stream to the digital audio outputs. Thus, the audio quality of your DAC can be improved through the cleaned and regenerated audio signals provided by the MC-1.2.

The already unbeatable flexibility of the MC-1.2 is increased by running the unit with its internal power supply for stationary use or alternatively powered through the USB port during e.g. mobile events.

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