Turn Your Behringer BCR2000 Into A Step Sequencer

ZAQ Audio introduces the Zaquencer MIDI Sequencer Firmware      29/09/14

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ZAQ Audio has announced the Zaquencer Firmware a new operating system for the BCR2000 that effectively turns it into a whole different device. Here's the details in their own words...

The Zaquencer is a unique custom firmware for the Behringer BCR2000 that will turn it into a standalone MIDI step sequencer. It is not a preset but a new operating system for your BCR2000, effectively turning it into a whole different device. We wanted to give everybody access to an inexpensive but powerful hardware MIDI step sequencer by simply upgrading the BCR. The Behringer BCR2000 is the optimal hardware platform for a step sequencer. It is very affordable, widely available and has the perfect controls and layout.

What´s cool about the Zaquencer:

  • no Computer needed for operation (except for the initial firmware upload)
  • 32 steps
  • 4 independent tracks (configurable as Drum- or Notetracks (poly- or monophonic))
  • store up to 192 patterns and all global parameters in Flash,
  • external/internal clock
  • pattern chain
  • tap write mode
  • note repeat
  • global scale
  • transpose
  • wave generator etc. etc.

Pricing and Availability:
The Zaquencer will be available in Mid October 2014 for EUR 69,00

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