AKG Unveils New Headphones

Y-Series offers an increased focus on design, comfort and portability      13/06/14

AKG Unveils New Headphones
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AKG has announced a new addition to their headphones collection, the AKG Y-Series. They say that the series introduces a stand-out modern look alongside the professional heritage of the AKG brand.

Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Division, HARMAN, says: "AKG has unrivalled history in producing award-winning headphones with studio sound quality expected from professionals. With the Y-Series, we've combined our classic signature sound with a sleek new design to allow users to express themselves creatively while enjoying their favourite music."

Here's the details direct from AKG:

The AKG Y50 epitomises the new Y-Series, taking on AKG's rich heritage in sound quality with a brand new design in teal, yellow, black or red.

The on-ear headphones have a closed ear-cup design for reduced ambient noise and 3D-axis folding mechanism for easy storage and safe transport. The AKG Y50s lightweight construction are engineered to feel like they're barely there, while the 40mm drivers ensure the sound makes itself known.

The headphones also come with a detachable, 1.2m cable with remote and mic for hands-free accessibility, so you can take a call without missing a beat.

The AKG Y40 continues the striking theme of the Y-Series, with blue, yellow and black accents on the band, while the mini-sized cups feature AKG detailing on-ear.
Coupled with their bold look, the Y40 has been designed specifically with portability in mind. The 3D-axis fold-flat mechanism and soft carry case allow for easy storage and safe transport, while the conveniently located 3-button remote/mic allows for easy access to your music or calls.

The headphones come with 1.2m detachable cable and feature 40mm drivers with noise-blocking ear-pad design to ensure that you don't miss a note of your favourite track.

The AKG Y45 BT bluetooth enabled headphones offer extreme mobility and comfort for music lovers. Enjoy true wireless performance with a rechargeable power source that lasts up to 8 hours, or plug-in for external power and recharging.

The Y45 BT also feature NFC technology for easy connectivity to your music.

Designed for portability, the mini-sized, high performance headphones have a 3D-Axis, fold-flat mechanism and soft case for easy storage and safe transport. The Y45 BT have ear-cup mounted volume/remote/mic controls too so your music device can stay firmly in your bag or pocket.

The headphones proudly boast a timeless look, arriving in black with grey trim, or white with a beige trim.

Pricing and Availability:
The AKG Y50 will be available from June 2014 for a suggested retail price of £79.99
The AKG Y40 will be available from June 2014 for a suggested retail price of £69.99
The AKG Y45 BT will be available from June 2014 for a suggested retail price of £109.99

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