MESSE 2014: Keyboard Production Stations Updated

US Music Computing StudioBLADE 4 and ControlBLADE 4 get more power and features      13/03/14

MESSE 2014: Keyboard Production Stations Updated

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Music Computing, the makers of the StudioBLADE and ControlBLADE line of all-in-one music keyboard production stations have announced the Gen 4 versions, which represent another leap in performance and value.

StudioBLADEs and ControlBLADEs are essentially professional studios built into a single box, which allow users to compose; record, mix, and master songs that are ready for radio or direct Internet distribution.

New for the StudioBLADE 4 are the addition of GPU processors and HyperDrive systems, a fusion of SSD and 7200 rpm hard drives that are four times (4X) higher performance.  Able to utilize up to dual Xeon 6-core processors for a total of 12-cores and 192GB of RAM, the new StudioBLADE 4 remains the world's most powerful keyboard production station.

New for the ControlBLADE 4 are the addition of GPU processors, HyperDrives, higher RAM capacity and four (4) open PCIe low-profile slots.  Able to utilize the latest 4th generation i5 and i7 processors and 32GB of RAM, the new ControlBLADE 4 bring true professional music production capabilities to the masses at an affordable price.

New SSD options are now available for all models, further increasing the performance of the systems.

Music computing describe StudioBLADE 4 and ControlBLADE 4 as the first truly scalable music production tools and say that they provide the user with what they need, when they need it.  This means the user can start with the base configuration with a single processor, one memory module and one hard drive, and add more as they need it.  The company calls this the Goldilocks Principle and is designed to allow the keyboard to grow with the user.

Victor Wong, CEO, Music Computing, told us, "The new StudioBLADE 4 and ControlBLADE 4 models are designed to perform to the needs of today's music producers. They contain the latest and best available."

Pricing and Availability:

StudioBLADE 4 is priced from $4,499 with the ControlBLADE 4 priced from $2,499.

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