Muffwiggler Modular Synth Forum Now Has its Own Store

Never maintain cash savings again!      03/03/14

Muffwiggler Modular Synth Forum Now Has its Own Store

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Today Muffwiggler announced their new webstore and physical shop front in Portland Oregon. The synth forum dedicated to all things modular (and cats...) has been the mainstay of any modular synth enthusiast since 2006? (i think..). Over the last few years the site and the community has grown considerably, putting strain on the finacial support of the forum.

The Muff Wiggler himself had this to say:

"Finances are always a concern, and many of you have expressed concern in the past that the donation system was not something we could always count on.

You also know that I absolutely loathe to take on banner ads or corporate sponsorship of any sort. This is very important to me. "By the people, for the people"

The news today is that we found a wonderful solution to our financial concerns (and independence!). One that allows this site to remain as it is and has always been, with the primary goal of supporting the health and growth of our modular scene.

I have partnered up with Cyrus Rex, and together we have created a company, Muffwiggler, LLC. We have invested a significant amount of cash and will be opening the MuffWiggler Store IMMEDIATELY."

The store that will be opening next month, will house fulltime staff to check, test, "carefully package and quickly ship your order", and an outstanding inventory of modules, synths and drum machines. The store is currently stocking gear from Makenoise, TipTop Audio, The Harvestman, Malekko Heavy Industry, 4MS, Modcan, ADDAC Systems, Innerclock Systems, Analogue Solutions, Medic Modules, HexInverter, ALM Busy Circuits,, Expert Sleepers, Division6, Qu-Bit, STG, Noise Engineering, Pittsburgh Modular, brownshoesonly, Trogotronic, WMD, Vermona, Kenton, Koma Electronics, Dave Smith Instruments, Ad Infinitum, I Dream Of Wires. They are also in talks to launch gear from many other companies in the coming months.

"Our mission is simple: We want to be the place you get your stuff from, and are proud to get your stuff from - and do it in a way the benefits the community and the larger scene in general. The vitality of the scene is essential for all of us to have a healthy and growing community, and we pledge to run the shop with the health of the scene as our focus. "

The only problem is its in America...

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