A Dedicated PC For Pro Tools Users

Worldwide availability of The Pro Tools PC is announced      17/07/13

A Dedicated PC For Pro Tools Users

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The team behind the The Pro Tools PC has announced its worldwide availability. They say that Avid's Pro Tools software is the industry standard in professional recording and music production and has long deserved a dedicated PC platform and that their new product is that platform. They tell us that, drawing from over 30 years of industry experience, and combining the talents of the world's best Pro Tools support and audio computer manufacturing, there has never been a single machine so focused on providing a perfect and reliable Pro Tools experience.

The Pro Tools PC is the brain child of Pro Tools Expert's resident Windows guru, Neil Hester, and the big chief at Rain Computers UK, Robin Vincent. They worked together for a number of years at Carillon Audio Systems before moving onto pursue separate careers in music and technology. The Pro Tools PC brings those skills and experience back together.

Robin Vincent told us,  "It's a bit like getting the old band back together and finding it works even better than before. What's important is not that this is a computer "for" Pro Tools, but rather that The Pro Tools PC hardware has been combined with an unheard-of attention to detail and end-user consideration in its design and compatibility testing. This includes the support, knowledge base and dedication of the Pro Tools Expert team with years of experience supporting the wide community of Avid hardware and software users."

Neil Hester had this to say, "There are a lot of factors coming together right now that make this the perfect time for a dedicated Pro Tools PC platform. The newly-announced Apple Mac Pro's lack of internal card slots has got a lot of OSX users considering a move to PC. The enormous release of Pro Tools 11 finally gives access to the full potential of a 64-bit system. The Pro Tools PC's studio-friendly rack-mounted design, internal capacity and extensive connectivity (having been test proven in-house with a vast array of Avid and 3rd party interfaces) allows us to have almost every base covered.  Finally, Avid and many users appreciate the confidence and expertise provided by the pro-tools-expert.com blog and podcast as an independent community. Taking all these things into consideration, you are going to want to be looked after properly and The Pro Tools PC does exactly that."

The team tells us that, built on tried and tested Intel technology, The Pro Tools PC ticks all the right boxes for Pro Tools compatibility, including dual Thunderbolt sockets, room inside the case for HD TDM or HDX, fully-compatible FireWire chipset, and a water-cooled, rock-solid, stable overclocked processor that offers extraordinary recording and mixing power at very low latency; all housed in a beautiful, brushed aluminium 4U rack case.

Pricing and Availability:
The Pro Tools PC is available now in the UK and Europe starting from £1499 (inc VAT) and in the USA and internationally from $1999.

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