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US Soundiron releases sound libraries featuring the Turkish guitar      27/03/13

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Soundiron tells us that their Acoustic & Electric Saz libraries are the first truly playable virtual Turkish Guitars designed for professional composers and exotic stringed instrument junkies. Here's the details in Soundiron's own words:

These are unique 5-stringed fretless hollow-body instruments procured directly from the streets of Turkey. They sound strikingly like guitars in certain ways, but with a very unique flavor and range of capabilities. This pair of multi-sample libraries capture the total essence of both the Acoustic and Electric saz baglâma, with a full range of sustained plucks, palm mutes and chokes, true legato slide and release behavior, hand-slaps and more, with deep round-robin sampling per articulation on each string. Our intuitive strum, arpeggiation, gliss, legato and performance controls allow exquisitely life-like fingering and emotive real-time articulation, whether you're in the mood for intricate leads or just banging out strummed grooves and chord accompaniment in a single unified UI.

You'll experience full control over each string, including key range, string selection, hammer-ons, pull-offs, legato and pluck type, all with key-switch support. Our unrivaled live strumming and chord generation tools can handle any style of lead or rhythm playing you throw at it. Each control can be fully automated by midi and we've designed several preset types to accommodate a variety of personal work-flows and preferences.

To put it simply, these libraries not only represent the most powerful ethnic stringed instrument libraries of their kind in the world - they deliver an unprecedented breakthrough in string instrument control solutions, flexibility and pure sound quality. Listen to the demos. You will hear no canned chord or phrase samples in these demos at all. Everything you're about to hear is pure multi-sampled power and freedom.

  • The Acoustic Saz is the instrument in its most natural form, with delicate and crisp tonality captured in an intimate dry space with a wide pair of Neumann large diaphragm mics and pristine preamps. With a rich, full-bodied resonance and gorgeous musical clarity, this instrument offers extraordinary musical potential with all of the quality and attention to detail that you expect from the Soundiron family. The Acoustic Saz includes 6971 Samples and weighs in at 6.8 GB.


  • The Electric Saz is a powerful leap forward in tone and flexibility, with a clean, smooth character captured through both single-coil a humbucker pick-ups. Modified with custom low-noise wiring and pick-up configurations, this instrument cuts through any mix with a dynamic virtuosic voice, whether you play it clean or punch it with our integrated multi-effects rack. The Electric Saz has 13745 Samples and is 12.7 GB installed.

Each preset in both libraries includes our new Effects Rack control panel, featuring multi-effects (chorus, flanger, phaser), compression, drive and distortion, amp simulation, a variety of different speaker cabs, parametric EQ, tempo-synching delay and reverb, including 45 real-world spaces and 25 original FX impulses. Click Here to check out more screenshots. These libraries are designed and optimized for Kontakt 5, but we do include special legacy presets for Kontakt 4 users that preserve most of our advanced features and options. And while these are massive libraries, we've also included optimized and streamlined "Lite" presets with smaller resource requirements. These libraries are securely watermarked for each user and require the full retail version of Kontakt. They are not supported by the Kontakt Player. These libraries are available now for purchase and download. DVD order begin shipping after April 5th, but DVD customers will also receive a download upon order completion.

Pricing and Availability:
The Acoustic Saz is priced at $149, but you can get it now for a limited time at only $129 through April. 4th.

The Electric Saz will be priced at $149, but you can get it now for a limited time at only $129 through April. 4th

You can grab them both together in the full Saz Combo pack. The combo includes the Acoustic Saz and Electric Saz libraries for a special intro price of only $199. The combo price goes to $229 after April 4th, 2013.

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