New Kronos Sound Libraries

Korg offers new sounds for Music Workstation      18/04/12

New Kronos Sound Libraries

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Korg has announced the availability of many diverse expansion libraries and sample sound libraries for their Kronos Music Workstation, including the EXs13 Jazz Drums Expansion Kit, the EXs11 Legendary Strings Expansion Library, and two series by KARO, a sound design team based in Germany who have been producing high-quality sounds for Korg workstations for several years (including the OASYS and the M3). Korg welcomes KARO as the first third-party KRONOS sound developer.
  • EXs13 Jazz Drums Expansion Kit. This expansion kit for the Jazz Ambience Drums is included in the Korg Kronos presets, and contains approximately 1GB of PCM samples, 48 programs and 12 drumkits. The unique collection focuses on unique drum and percussion sounds created using a variety of techniques including mallets, brushes, and multi-rods. All sounds are easy to use, and will set off other instruments to their maximum advantage. Substituting these sounds on an existing drum track will also offer a dramatic difference through changing stick sounds.
    EXs13 is currently available for download at a special price of US $199 (regular price is US $249.00)
  • EXs11 Legendary Strings. This collection delivers approximately 2.5GB of PCM samples and 128 Programs, for a wide vocabulary of string sounds. Choose from solo performances created on coveted instruments such as a Stradivarius, to the sound of a full orchestra. In addition to samples of individual performance techniques such as trill, vibrato, and pizzicato, the collection also includes ensembles offering differing numbers of players, providing everything needed for meticulous production work. Large samples allow the nuances of the performances to be captured, completing this ultimate collection of string sounds.
    EXs11 will be Available for download in late April, for a special price of US $249 (regular price is US $299).
  • KARO's EXs Expansion Sample Series libraries span a wide variety of instruments and genres, including orchestral instruments and ensembles, vintage keyboards, ambient soundscapes, and much more. Along with Programs, Combis, and Drum Track patterns, these libraries include varying amounts of PCM data, which is played back directly from KRONOS' internal solid state hard drive.
    Now available, prices range from US $49 - $249.
  • KARO's KRS Professional Sound Series libraries are collections of Programs, Combis, and Drum Track patterns that collectively take advantage of every synthesis engine within KRONOS. These large collections of synthesizer sounds, organs, dance grooves, and Wave Sequences each have at least 128 Programs; most have much more.
    Now available, prices range from US $49 - $129.
Free demo versions of the EXs libraries can be downloaded; purchasing an authorization code from the secure Korg Web Shop unlocks full access to the libraries.
Pricing and Availability:
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