Flagship Kurzweil Keyboard Ships

PC3K is available now      11/01/11

Flagship Kurzweil Keyboard Ships

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Sound Technology Ltd in the UK and Kurzweil Music Systems have announces shipping of the PC3K keyboard, expanding the PC3 line to include key new features along with backwards compatibility with the K Series product line. Here's the press release with all the details...
In addition to all of the innovative features that made the PC3 a major success, the PC3K features 128 MB of non-volatile user sample memory. Utilizing a breakthrough in sample flash technology, the PC3K allows user samples to remain intact after a power-cycle, with zero load time upon powering back on. The PC3K can load .WAV files, but more importantly, it can load legacy Kurzweil .K files from the K2000, K2500 and K2600 keyboards. This opens up a whole new world of sonic possibilities; users can now combine the PC3K's unmatched Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis engine with the staggering library of K Series samples generated by users and developers alike for over 15 years.
Along with K Series samples, the PC3K will support the importing of most K Series keymaps, programs and setups, providing seamless integration for existing K series customers and an enticingly large collection of sounds for new Kurzweil users to explore. From Broadway performers and high profile pop stars to working players, the PC3K will allow musicians who've relied on Kurzweil for years to continue using their sounds with the next generation of our technology, without having to start over from scratch.
In addition to the ability to load samples, the PC3K offers basic sample editing and full keymap editing. Of course, all of the features and presets that made the PC3 so popular are present as well; anti-aliasing VA oscillators, improved KB3 Mode, Classic Keys, Orchestral and String Sections sound sets, the renowned Kurzweil Grand Piano, Cascade Mode, 16 independent Riffs and arpeggiators, Song Mode and QA mode, unparalleled MIDI control, and the list goes on.
Another major improvement added to the PC3K is the inclusion of a USB host port to support the use of thumb-drives for data loading and storage as well as OS updates.
The PC3K is already in use in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Love Never Dies" sequel to "Phantom of the Opera." Just as past major musical productions like "Miss Saigon" and "Wicked" have relied heavily upon the K2600's Setup Mode functionality, "Love Never Dies" called for a level of detailed performance control that could only be found in a Kurzweil. Also, critical to the project is the ability to load and re-use programs and samples that had been developed for the K series. The PC3K's support for .K26 files and its 128 MB of non-volatile user sample memory meant that Webber's team would be able to seamlessly transition from the K series to the PC3K with minimal effort.
The score calls for four PC3K's being played alongside a small ensemble of real winds, strings and percussion. The keyboards have made it possible to re-create the massive sound of an 80 piece full orchestra utilizing a pit-sized group of musicians, with the digital instruments working to augment and enhance the acoustic ones.
Pricing and Availability:
The Kurzweil PC3K is available now priced at £2205 RRP ex VAT. More information:


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