Nord Piano Library Expands

US Nord releases new acoustic and electric pianos in the Nord Piano Library      21/12/09

Nord Piano Library Expands

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Following the introduction of the new Nord Piano, the Nord Piano Library will be expanded with several new pianos during the first quarter of 2010. Here's all the details that Nord have sent us...
The Nord Piano Library contains some of the finest acoustic and electric pianos on the market. These sounds can be used in the performance-oriented keyboards; Nord Stage, Nord Stage EX, Nord Electro 3 and the all-new Nord Piano.
These pianos are extremely dynamic and features a true velocity sensitivity with several layers of samples, to be able to express all the nuances of your playing, and turn every note, every chord into a great experience for you and your audience. The new additions are three desirable uprights, one grand piano and two electric vintage pianos. These sounds will be previewed at the 2010 NAMM show in Anaheim. More additions to the Nord Piano Library will follow later in 2010.
Black Upright XLR
Our Black Upright is a Petrof 132 upright piano. It is a tall piano and typically used for musical schools, in clubs and homes.
The Petrof actions are known to be very quick, with good repetition, and to enable good control in creating tones, provide a great feeling when you play. The hammers are voiced for a soft tone; a characteristic for these upright pianos that the Nord Piano Library version truly reproduces in great detail.
Romantic Upright XLR
"Quality will prevail" is the appropriate slogan of Schimmel, the family owned manufacturer of this mahogany Fortissimo Chippendale upright, which was manufactured in 1967. The elegant Romantic will fit into any musical situation.
Touch and tone are harmonized perfectly from the powerful bass notes up to the sparkling treble register. This upright shines in every aspect with its beautiful and delicate sound.
Queen Upright XLR
"... with the sound of a grand piano" is a legendary saying associated with Bösendorfer´s upright piano. The clear, sustaining sound is typical for this upright, as is the original's unique construction, selected materials and excellent finishing.
The action and keyboard were precisely adjusted to ensure an ideal touch and the best possible transfer of power with a maximum degree of control. There is no other way to say it; this is a real queen.
Grand Lady XLR
The Grand Lady is a carefully voiced Steinway Model D that has been carefully selected by us because of its special tonal characteristics. The unique voicing brings out the best of this 9-foot beast, you just add a bit of your talent to create wonderful musical moments.
The Nord Piano version captures the full sound from the tapered, double crowned soundboard. The excellence of the huge maple body and every nuance of the almost 300 strings are also present, which incidentally are made from Swedish steel.
Bright Tines XL – a mk I Suitcase with Custom Tip Voicing
With the invaluable help of one of the planets most acclaimed electric piano technicians, we have prepared one of our magnificent 1975 mk I Suitcase with a special selection of hard hammer tips in certain ranges. The preparation also involved adjustment of the striking line and re-voicing of the harp, in order to get "that" bell sound. And boy, is this puppy bright and pingy!
Sparkle Top XL
Our Sparkle Top is a real vintage beauty, born during the summer of love in 1967 and was recently refurbished in the US with new felt-hammers. The timbre is set to "ideal".
In 1965 the new tine based Electric Pianos became available in several configurations and all the pianos manufactured during this period featured wooden piano hammers (felt-covered, teardrop shape) and non-tapered Ray-Mac tines. This combination produced the raw, bell-like sound heard on many famous recordings.
The unique sound of the Sparkle Top and the fantastic character of the Bright Tines mk I are two great additions to the tine based electric piano arsenal in the Nord Piano Library.
The Nord Piano sounds
Not only does the Nord Piano sounds react properly when you strike a key, releasing keys will introduce the individual release samples to add realism to your playing experience. But it does not stop there.
The String Resonance reproduces the acoustic phenomenon that occurs inside the body of an acoustic piano when un-dampened strings (vibrates along with a played note) or parts of strings will resonate at their fundamental or overtone frequencies when other strings are sounded. Any key that is played is in fact un-dampened and our carefully reproduction of the behavior of an acoustic instrument creates a wonderful, natural ambience (sound). Using the Nord Resonance Ready pianos - the R-labeled acoustic Grand's and Upright's -, you can activate the Resonance feature on the Nord Stage EX and Nord Piano, which will add this beautiful acoustic phenomenon to the Nord sound. And by using the pedal you may add another dimension in sound due to pedal noise samples and half-pedaling techniques, using R-labeled acoustic pianos on a Nord Piano.
Pricing and Availability:
All the pianos in the Nord Piano Library can be downloaded for free. More information:

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