WNAMM09: Expand Your Motif XS

US Yamaha's Motif XSpanded offers latest sample banks to complete your sound library      17/01/09

WNAMM09: Expand Your Motif XS

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At Winter NAMM 2009, Yamaha has launched the Motif Xspanded promotion, which offers over 700 MB of free sound libraries for download and introduces a range of new optional libraries for purchase.
"These sample banks are produced by the top sound developers in the business, keeping the Motif XS ahead of the pack in both internal sound quality and sound expansion options," said Athan Billias, marketing manager, Music Production, Pro Audio & Combo Division. The main XSpanded Sample Pack contains 380 MB of sample data, three full banks of Voices (384 in total), 150 new Arpeggios and new Performances, Patterns and Songs. Highlights include:
  • S90 ES Piano - The S90ES piano is one of Yamaha's most popular sampled piano sounds. The samples feature an S700 $250,000 hand crafted piano, which provides a spacious, warm sound perfect for intimate jazz, classical and solo piano work. Because it was designed for S90ES internal ROM, it has been looped using Yamaha's proprietary looping tools, reducing the size without minimizing its unique character.
  • Brass and Winds - Includes trumpets, flugelhorn, soprano, alto and tenor sax, sax sections, clarinets, oboes, harmonica, accordion and pan flutes. Many of these have multiple articulations and playing styles to take advantage of the workstation's Expanded Articulation engine, creating incredibly realistic recreations of acoustic instruments. Different mutes, sax sections, stereo brass falls, and a variety of different vibratos are all part of this collection.
  • Vocals and Choirs - The Vocal and Choir samples in the XS sample pack feature Scat Vocals, Gospel, and multiple choir sounds, including humming. These can be combined with the internal vocal sounds to give a stunning variety of life-like vocal articulations.
  • Strings - Two new ensemble strings were selected to add to the variety of ensembles available in the internal ROM.
  • 128 Synth Voices - This bank includes classic analog sounds and exotic digital atmospheres. Samples of cross modulation, sync, poly and mod provide a whole new palette of analog textures. A large selection of unique digital atmospheres is also included, along with recreations of classic synth sounds by Dave Polich, programming master at DCP Production Library.
  • Guitars, Basses and Ethnic Sounds from Sonic Reality - Sonic Reality, with one of the largest collections of sample libraries on the planet, opened its vaults and let Yamaha assemble a collection of American Guitars and British basses. Includes 64 Voices of plucked and percussion instruments from around the world.
The Motif XSpanded program also includes a sample pack from DCP Production Library, which has helped develop the instrument's internal sound and offered option libraries for all Motif products since their introduction into the market. Samples culled from DCP's Vintage Keys, B's Knees, Axxe, Complete Orchestra, Mo School, and Renaissance and Folk Instruments libraries, create a killer bank of sounds. The DCP Productions Sample Pack includes 253 MB of samples and 64 Voices.
Another sample bank features Digital Sound Factory Symphonic Strings, which has started to convert many of its libraries to Motif XS format. To kick off this exciting new relationship, DSF is offering a free download of its Symphonic Strings. These strings are recordings of the same orchestra in the same hall that Yamaha used for the internal Motif XS strings. Though the size of sections and mic techniques differ, these new DSF strings blend seamlessly with the internal ensembles already aboard the Motif XS.
Yamaha also worked with another leading provider of high-quality sampling libraries to convert sounds from the popular Sonic Reality Groove Capsules into Motif XS format. This unique library is the first ever released for the Motif XS that consist of pre-sliced samples with MIDI data. In Pattern or Song Mode, users can use these drum and percussion loops and change tempos, alter the feel and even re-arrange completely different loops by using Real Time Loop Remix. From incredibly real drums and percussion to bizarre processed electronic beats, this collection will spark your imagination and creativity.
Yamaha's Tokyo Research and Development team has also been working on new samples for the Motif XS. A free promo pack features ethnic sounds from around the world, including sitar, tabla and a complete Indian percussion kit, as well as baliphones, mbiras and hammered dulcimer. Western instruments include a Yamaha electric bass, organs sampled with rotary speaker and chorus, a Yamaha Oak Custom drum kit and new percussion sounds.
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