Octo Core 64-Bit Audio Workstation

Rain Recording Debuts ION 64 with up to 64GB of RAM      14/08/08

Octo Core 64-Bit Audio Workstation

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Rain Recording has released the ION 64, a true 64-bit computing platform designed for audio and video production. Powered by two AMD Opteron Quad Core processors, Rain tell us that their newest creation delivers unprecedented performance with a total of eight processor cores, up to 64 gigabytes of RAM, and room for 4 terabytes of high-performance storage. They say that ION 64 represents nothing short of a revolution in creative computing.
By providing a true 64-bit platform, Rain has created a system able to utilize up to 64 gigabytes of memory, giving the user the single most powerful audio production platform available today. The plug-ins, synths and virtual instruments cherished by an industry of content creators are consistently hungry for Random Access Memory, forcing the user to make impossible choices just to stay within the limits of their hardware. ION 64 creates an environment free from the 4 gigabyte barrier imposed by a standard, 32-bit operating system, giving users the freedom to make decisions based on what their project demands, not what the computer can handle. Combined with an incredible 8 core processor array and Rain's famed Quiet Cool System Architecture, ION 64 invites Rain users to refuse to settle for the same old thing.
Bill Paschick, CEO of Rain Recording, said, "We're very excited to help the digital audio and video community reap the benefits of 64-bit processing. While there have already been many implementations of 64-bit architecture, none has taken advantage of the true potential it offers. And it makes sense that Rain is heading up this effort because no one is hungrier for the facility that 64-bit provides, than those who make their living through audio and video production."
Rain has taken advantage of the help offered by some marquee names in the 64-bit game. Of particular note, the technology development teams at AMD (NYSE: AMD) and Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) who provided Rain with invaluable design and engineering to make ION 64 a reality.
Charlie Boswell, director of Digital Media and Entertainment for AMD, said, "Rain and AMD share a vision to empower artists by removing technology barriers from the creative process. The ION 64 from Rain Recording takes full advantage of all the design features of AMD's 64-bit Direct Connect, multi-core architecture to help meet the mission critical demands of recording artists and studio engineers."
"A 64-bit platform exponentially increases the power of the PC for creative purposes", said Dan Moore, business development manager for Microsoft Corp. "We're excited that Rain Recording is bringing the power of 64-bit to creative professionals in the entertainment industry."
Pricing and Availability:
The new ION 64 - Octo Core 64-bit Digital Audio Workstation is available now from Rain Recording, through Rain Authorized Dealers and the Rain Store, designed and tested by Rain for maximum compatibility with 64-bit audio hardware and software. Free shipping and free third party integration is standard.
ION 64 - Octo Core 64-bit digital audio workstation: Price: from $3699 (As low as $113/month) / UK price £1899 (exc. VAT)
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