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US Behringer and I-dance team up to help DJs secure dance record deals      29/08/07

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Behringer and I-dance have teamed up to help DJs secure dance record deals. Jesse Hagenbeek, I-dance’s Managing Director, explained to us how the partnership works, “It’s simple and efficient. In each box of Behringer BCD3000, BCR/BCF2000, FCA202, UMX keyboards, as well as in the upcoming DDM4000 and UMA25S, you will find a voucher for a free 3-month membership in the I-dance community worth 25 euro. Register, upload your tracks, and feed your passion for good dance music�.
Kevin Mertens, Behringer’s Product Manager DJ had this to say, “As we began discussions with, we remembered the dreams we had when we started as DJs and producers. A record label interested in bringing our own music to the clubs of the world was and will always be the ultimate aspiration. It takes a lot of work and quite some luck to get to a deal, though. So we liked the idea of helping our users along that path. From 1 September 2007 Behringer offers to all of its customers purchasing DJ or production gear the chance to improve their dance music production skills. This is the result of the partnership with, the dance music web community which enables members to store their tracks safely, improve their songs and sets through a competent forum and, with an upgrade, even have their music automatically sent to labels, once it has reached the right quality point.�
Bert Niedermeyer, the Recording Product Manager at Behringer, added, “With our innovative and affordable tools we’ve enabled a great number of people to get involved into music production and with this initiative we thank them for choosing Behringer, by giving them a chance to make their dreams come true."
About I-dance I-dance is the web community where passionate producers and DJs take their music to the next level by joining Global XS: the all-in-one solution for artists and labels. Global XS Artist helps producers to get better in making music and automatically sends their tracks to the right record labels at the right time. Global XS Industry makes it easy for record labels to find quality dance music and reduces their costs of spotting new talent. I-dance was founded in 2006 and introduced Global XS to the market in early 2007. It now comprises of a team of talented people who take great pleasure in serving the I-dance community.
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