Spectrasonics Launches Education Initiative

US New sales program designed to put Virtual Instruments into classrooms      22/05/07

Spectrasonics Launches Education Initiative

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Spectrasonics has announced to the public its new Educational Program designed to put its three award-winning virtual instruments, Atmosphere, Trilogy and Stylus RMX, into music technology classrooms around the world. The new program creates an efficient and easy way for educational institutions to apply for special software licenses for their classroom computers - at a significantly reduced price. Authorized Spectrasonics distributors around the world are all taking part in promoting and implementing the new program. Schools can now order EDU site licenses for five or more computer stations for any of the three Spectrasonics virtual instruments - directly from their nearest Spectrasonics Distributor. Additionally, each EDU site license purchase offers free upgrades in the future, which is a major cost savings for educators.
At Berklee College of Music, one of the first educational institutions to take part in the Spectrasonics program, David Mash, Vice President for Technology stated, "Our relationship with Spectrasonics assures our film scoring students access to the state-of-the-art professional tools they are most likely to use when they enter the profession. We are pleased to offer this opportunity to our students and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Spectrasonics."
Spectrasonics virtual instruments are widely used by major artists in the music of many Oscar winning films, acclaimed television shows, popular video game soundtracks and hit recordings.
One of the company's key goals with the Educational Program is to inspire a new generation of musicians to learn and use Spectrasonics' instruments within the context of education. The next generation of music professionals will be well equipped for today's musical landscape from the training they receive on the Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments.
Having pioneered in the area of video tutorials with Stylus RMX, Spectrasonics tell us that they are uniquely positioned to further the goals of music technology educators around the world. The included Stylus RMX tutorial DVD offers over 9-hours of video lessons explaining how to use the software with specific host applications, practical demonstrations of all functions in a musical context and a wide range of insider tips and tricks.
Eric Persing, Creative Director of Spectrasonics had this to say, "Spectrasonics is excited to work side-by-side with educators around the world and see students emerge with new and powerful creative skills. Knowledge and Technology are a powerful combination, and the next generation of musicians will certainly be more advanced by having access to these instruments at an early stage of their development."
Educators may apply for the education program through their regional Spectrasonics distributor. The list of world-wide Spectrasonics distributors can be found on the website at: www.spectrasonics.net/distrib/index2.php Please visit the new EDU area of the Spectrasonics website for more information about the program: www.spectrasonics.net/education/ Atmosphere, Trilogy and Stylus RMX are virtual instrument plug-ins for Mac OSX and Windows, compatible with all major music composition software hosts such as Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Sonar, Nuendo, Garageband, Traction and others, via standard plug-in formats including Audio Units, VST, and RTAS. Each virtual instrument has a powerful, yet easy to understand user interface and large multi-gigabyte core library.
Stylus RMX-Realtime Groove Module uses Spectrasonics' S.A.G.E. technology, featuring Chaos Designer(tm) real-time loop manipulation for creating loops that improvise, 7.4-gigabyte core sound library, REX file and Groove Control(r) file importing, 8-part multi-timbral compatibility, multi-outputs, integrated effects racks, mixer, realtime host tempo sync, drag and drop MIDI files.
Trilogy -Total Bass Module integrates a massive library of thousands of bass sounds with a powerful, yet easy to understand user interface. It includes acoustic, electric and electronic basses all played with various styles of attack with a variety of microphone and direct recording techniques. Basses can be layered and edited with standard synthesis tools such as envelopes and modulation to create custom patches.
Atmosphere- Dream Synth Module has thousands of unique sound design, pad, lead, bass and synthesizer textures, plus some non-musical 'noise' sounds. Many of the sounds offer a long, evolving sound palette that changes over time. As with Trilogy, Atmosphere presets can be layered and edited with standard synth tools such as envelopes and modulation to create custom patches.
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