SNAMM02: Linn's Latest Gets the Heart Racing

US Yep - another AdrenaLinn headline cliche!      31/07/02

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This smiling chap is none other than Roger Linn, cool gear guru to a large swathe of the planet's muso populace.

Roger Linn and his latest creation
Mr. Linn pretty much changed the course of popular music with not only the introduction of the world's first really great drum machine - the Linn Drum (of which I have particularly fond memories), but also the ground-breaking MPC60, still going strong in various incarnations within the Akai stable. But it seems he's not a man to rest on his laurels (surely an uncomfortable place to rest, methinks) and recently he's introduced the AdrenaLinn, a little box which defies all attempts to be put in one. It's a beatbox, sure, and an effects unit, of course...but it does way, way more than that. It would take more space than we have here to describe what it can do - suffice to say we had a quick play and were pretty bowled over by it. We'll try to bring you an in-depth look at it soon, but if you want to get a taste meanwhile, checkout the website at:-

  • PS - latest news is that it's now shipping to UK

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