Loop Slicer And Beat Maker

Initial Audio releases Initial Slice for Mac and Windows

New Synth Imagines A Hot-Rodded MS-20

Cherry Audio releases the polyphonic PS-20

Steinway D Piano Virtual Instrument

Sound Magic introduces Neo Piano Chapters: Living Stereo

Apple Music Announce Spatial And Lossless Audio

Coming to entire catalog in June

Sonic Texture Generator For Mac & Windows

Velvet Machine was previously available only on iOS



PWM Synth With Euclidean Sequencer For iOS

Euclid Goes to Party is a techno bassline synth

Virsyn Releases Cube Synth Pro

Additive synth with MPE for iPad / M1

Headphones For Mixing And Mastering

Austrian Audio releases Hi-X65 Professional open-back over-ear headphones

Erica Synths Debuts Sound Shaping Module

Black Ring-Xfade consists of two ringmodulators / waveshapers and a crossfader

How To Remember Your MIDI Mappings

Custom made display for live performances


Presentation: Looking At The IK UNO Synth Pro

New analogue mono/paraphonic

Interview: Rachel K Collier

Artist, Producer, Remixer and Performer

The DAWs - Choosing A Digital Audio Workstation

An overview of the most popular production software available today

5 MINUTES WITH 42HP Modular Processing

Peaks, Linnaeus filter and Z5000

Sonic LAB: Pro Tools Carbon HDX DSP Audio Interface Review

Deep look at the new generation interface

Sonic LAB: Korg SQ-64 Sequencer Review

Desktop polyphonic MIDI and CV/Gate

MOST READ - this week

1 Akai Pro Introduces MPC One Retro

Modern standalone MPC workflow with a classic retro look

2 The Star Wars Studio Of Maarten Vorwerks

... and a beach upstairs, naturally

3 The After Eight Sequencer

Designing & Building an Artificially Intelligent Musical Device

4 TAL Updates Free Effect Plugins

Filter-2, Chorus-LX and Reverb-4 all updated

5 iLok USB-C Announced

More options to keep your licenses safe

6 Amazing Ferrofluid Speaker

Bluetooth display cell speaker reacts to music


A Close Look At The Yamaha PSS-480

2 Operator FM synth with 9 editable parameters

Drum And Bass On A Bike

Not yet part of the cycling proficiency scheme

The Best Shortcut To Ableton Live?

ZenDAW and Plugivery release Reveal Touch Workspace software for Windows

Launchpad Pro Support For iOS Groove Box GR-16

Jim Pavloff's Groove Rider updated

Timbaland Launches New Site With Remix Competition

Beatclub, Metapop and NI join forces

The Most Complicated Auto Reverse Mechanism Ever

Inside The Akai Invert-o-matic Cassette Deck

TR-606 Inspired Eurorack Drum Sequencer

Tubbutec makes 3U and 1U models available

More Videos

Sonic LAB: Arturia Pigments V.3 1st Look 

Whats new...

Sonic LAB: Pro Tools Carbon HDX DSP Audio Interface Review 

Deep look at the new generation interface

Sonic LAB: Korg SQ-64 Sequencer Review 

Desktop polyphonic MIDI and CV/Gate

Interview: Rachel K Collier 

Artist, Producer, Remixer and Performer

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