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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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giacomo a part-time user from monopoli writes:
hi my name's giacomo, I write to from italy e i want know one thing about the yamaha rs700: When in play, if you select (track seclect) an instrument and press the keyboard you should flash the LED corresponding to the sounds used. (I am italian :) ) I don't know how to use this me...giacomo

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-01-2011 at 12:47
BIG Tone a part-time user from US certified Yes sir writes:
I have use the RS7000,MPC 1000, 500, MV8000, Rm1x, almost all of the premier drum machines at different stages of my development as a producer and have to admit that Rs 7000 has the better qualities of them all. The sequencer is tight and takes all the quest work out of bars, loops, recording, sampling and all the problem for novice and professional producers. I can use my samples without having to wait and load........................ for hours. I can also sit this device on my lap in my living room when I simply want to work in my den and produce beats. The MV 8000 is entirely to large but it does a lot. EMX-1 was too simple with a few decent sounds. The Mc 505 only had 8 tracks although it is my second best machine. MId it and RS 7000 together and you open up many possibilities. Regardless what you thing about a device, it is only as limited as the user. I ran across the RS 7000 6 years ago and hated it. Upon finding it again with more expereince in my jack in production, I love. Limited only by my desire and abilities.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-28-2008 at 18:53
mikepepp a part-time user from n.c usa writes:
I owned a korg esx 1 a yamaha qy 100 and a yamaha rm1x saw the yamaha rs 7000 at a new york music store and i traded em all for the rs 7000 and i am not regretting it at all it was an even trade. All the things i want in one unit sampling.i have the basic 4mb im old school sample speed it up resample erase the first one. effects eq on each track master eq 1000 sounds mad drums one of the best sequencers. takes some time to get samples and sounds from being muddy but swing on each track a mini motif its a monster people complain about slice taking too long it took a long time on my korg esx1 and it was new just master your equipment

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-30-2008 at 14:55
J a hobbyist user from USA writes:
The RS7K is an instrument that begs to be played. Once you get the hang of using it, which isn't very hard if you have any experience programming gear, than its all about making music.

Im not sure why some have complained about the internal can make some thick kicks using the Play FX to layer them. U can make some really nice acid tracks with this and u can push out ear piercing resonance and harmonics using the filters.

Sequencer is rock solid and the sequencer Play Effects really allow you to dial in whatever groove you may be looking for. The RS just makes ya flow from starting with a simple sound, to tweaking the sound to your preference, to sequencing a pattern, and then remixing the whole pattern using the scene, mute and section buttons.

Like I said, this piece of gear is an instrument made for gear heads who like to actually make music...Enjoy..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-02-2008 at 22:40
harness a hobbyist user from seattle, usa writes:
Everything in my studio is just an extension of the RS7000. Its the absolute heart of my production. I've tried almost every DAW for the PC, but none of them are as quick and efficient for getting my ideas down. I bought this machine around 2002-03 and paid $1000. I STILL think its work that much today. The only thing I wished it had is a realtime loop remix record. I can work around it though.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-31-2008 at 21:59
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