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Thomas Finegan writes:
The RS7000 is a bigger and better version of the already reviewed RM1x with the same bad and good points about it, improved of course, e.g. better pattern-chain mode AND...the biggest difference...with a built in sampler, that lacks of some few feature you will find on e.g. the A-series from Yamaha, no multisamples, no zerocrosspoint finder, is still a better sampler than those little phrase samplers from BOSS. Yamaha pretty much ripped the SU700 engine out and put it into the RS. The sequencer taken out of the RM1x supports now the integration of MIDI and Audio in a very easy to handle way. The sampler offers features like ReCycle plus the automatic creation of fitting MIDI-notes, so that you can change the tempo without changeing the pitch of the samples. As with the RM1x it takes time to learn the RS7000, just like you have to learn your softwaresequencer as well. So don´t expect to be after one week of testing to be an expert on it and get disappointed and return it. It´s a machine to work and learn with. After you mastered that, it gives you a lot to work on your music and assist you doing your music. Ideal for live usage, ideal as a center for your studio at home. If you don´t own already a RM1x or if you do own one and you want more sequencing more, or if you want a good hardware-sequencer with sampling abilities, go and check it out.

Comments About the Sounds:
Some people say that the TG (Tone Generator) of the RS only sounds better because of the new master-effect section, well honestly, only if you use the master effect....otherwise the RS does sound better indeed than the RM1x. I guess less compression on the sample plus the DA converting is 24 Bit with 128times Oversampling.

(Thanks to Thomas Finegan for this info.)

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