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Jules :-) a hobbyist user from UK writes:
My 5600S is a dream machine.... Sort of sounds like an ARP when you want it to, Sort of sounds like an early Korg when you want it to, Sort of sounds like a Moog when you want it to.... Sort of sounds like nothing else on the planet.

Mine was well built but had a major mains hum when I got it... The guy that built it understood the electronics to a degree, but didn't understand grounding and cable sheilding. There were mains voltages in unshielded cables (not even twisted pair! that had been bundled and tied in with audio signals Not Good!....

Sorted that out and it's a fantastic synth :-) The keybord is entirely digital.. it generates a bit code for which key has been pressed making it very precise. More so than any other Analogue Synth. This also has the advantage that it's relatively easy to connect a computer and get it to perform as a sequencer without any use of midi.

Input and output options for control and signals are extensive! better than any other Analogue Synth I've ever owned. The pinpatch is a dream on a modular. No messy patch leads and very flexible in its routings.

Mains hum problem sorted out, mine generates no more noise than any other Analogue.. It's certainly quieter than a Moog Rogue.

The filter section is truly beautiful. Moogish 24Db Filters that will self resonate and earth shaking bass as a result of it.

I love my 5600S and will never ever part with it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-29-2003 at 06:03
ade a professional user from england writes:
What a synth,a sort of cross between arp2600 and an Ems,With 4 osc. and 2inde filters this baby(big Ba...d) will blow your windows,doors and roof off,got one which had been left in a corner of a garage it was soaked,I dried it clean the ceased pots and switches.still thoughtit was a gonner but took a chance and switch it on,and it all (except 1 env.) worked perfectly.and since its modular construction,i swopped a couple of chips from other boards and the env worked. As for noise each of 3 amps has an adjustment potent.on the circuits which need to be tweeked,then its as quiet as any thing certainly more sow than my mini or arp.if you see one get it! this is one hell of a synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-30-2002 at 15:48
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