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  5600s At a Glance
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Andrew Parker writes:
The 5600s is Heavy (about 26Kg) and comes built into a flightcase, it evenhas the handle on top, but is far from portable. The pin matrix is like theVCS3 and is excellent for weird sounds and modulation routing. There is aspring reverb built in which doubles up as a phaser, you can feed externalinstruments into this units aux fx ins which is cool. There are also 2audio ins which can be routed to modulate or be modulated via the matrix.The sound possibilities are quite limitless. One thing I will say though isthat my particular model is rather noisy, especially when you startpatching the matrix (need to get that sorted), its a trait of Kit Synths Ithink, which this is. Be careful when buying one though as some can bepoorly made from what I have heard. I was Lucky.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sound capabilities are awesome, but given that it is only monophonicits only ideal for weird effects and bass/lead lines. You could always ofcourse detune the 4 oscillators to create wider sounds.

(Thanks to Andrew Parker for this info.)
and Jim Delaney for the pic

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