9 Guitars Keith Richards Played That Definitely WEREN'T Telecasters

We take a look at some of the Rolling Stones legends lesser-known guitars   24-Jun-14

9) Gibson Firebird VII Reverse

Brian Jones and Keith Richards had a matching pair of Gibson "reverse" Firebird VIIs in 1965, with the intention of experimenting with the sound of the guitars.

The guitars were given to them by Gibson along with Gibson Titan V amplifiers and a Maestro Fuzz-Tone pedal. The riff from "Satisfaction" was played on Keith's Firebird, through the Maestro Fuzz-Tone, creating what would become one of the most famous sounds in rock and roll history.

Although, as detailed in the Rolling Stones Gear book, studio engineer Dave Hassinger admits that the guitars on the track underwent heavy editing to thicken out the sound of the fuzz.

Article written by Richard Beech - Follow Richard on Twitter for more guitar ramblings

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