9 Guitars Keith Richards Played That Definitely WEREN'T Telecasters

We take a look at some of the Rolling Stones legends lesser-known guitars   24-Jun-14

6) Maton SE777

Matons - including an SE777

Aussie guitar companies, eh? Australia isn't the first nation you'd associate with guitar manufacturing, but Maton are one of the longest-running guitar companies in the world, having been established in 1946.

The Maton SE777 guitar was used by Keith during the Let It Bleed sessions in 1969, and perhaps most famously used on 'Gimme Shelter'.

During the recording for the song, the neck pickup fell out of the guitar on the very last note, although you can't hear it on the recording due to the fade out at the end of the track.

According to Keith, not only did the neck pickup fall out, but the entire neck fell off!

Keith's Maton SE777 was fitted with a Bigsby B6 vibrato, with a single cutaway, and had been revarnished a refinished from its original paint job (the version you see pictured is how the guitar would have looked out of the factory).

As explained in the Rolling Stones Gear book, it was played by Mick, Brian and Keith on the Let It Bleed sessions, so if you're a fan of the guitar tones on that album then you might want to try and find yourself a Maton SE777.

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