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Vintage Magnatone Vibrato In A Stompbox

Origin Effects introduces the MAGMA57 Amp Vibrato and Drive pedal

BOSS Introduces GT-1000CORE

A GT-1000 in a pedalboard-friendly form

New BOSS Loop Station Pedals

RC-5 and RC-500 announced

Lo-Fi Sounds In New EHX Stompbox

Mainframe is a sample rate reducer and bit crusher

BOSS Announces OC-5 Octave Pedal

Next-Generation compact pedal has Vintage and Polyphonic modes

Eventide Release Blackhole Reverb Pedal

Stompbox offers haunting echoes, ethereal landscapes and otherworldly ambience

New EHX Polyphonic Pitch Shifter

Pitch Fork+ pitch shifter/harmony pedal features two independent pitch shifting engines

Pink Floyd Rotary Speaker In A Stompbox

Pulse is based on Gibson's Maestro Rover RO-1 and David Gilmour's Doppola

10 Things You Didn't Know About Dialtone Pickups

We caught up with the guys behind the innovative pickup company  [2]

Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Review

Does the Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face match up to Jimi's Woodstock tone  [1]

Electro-Harmonix Introduces 1440 Stereo Looper

Compact looper features 24 minutes of stereo recording time

HeadRush Looperboard Updated

Firmware 2.0 provides endless looping times, customisable footswitches and more

Footswitch Between Expression Pedal Values

Electro-Harmonic releases the Cntl Knob Dual Static Expression Pedal

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