9 Guitars Keith Richards Played That Definitely WEREN'T Telecasters

We take a look at some of the Rolling Stones legends lesser-known guitars   24-Jun-14

8) Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

Hubba hubba. The first time Keith ever played this absolutely beautiful instrument, he wasn't technically playing it at all...

He and the band were miming to backing tracks on the Ed Sullivan show due to Brian having a broken wrist, and it was the first time Rolling Stones fans ever saw Keith Richards with the fretless wonder (so called because the frets were so low).

The guitar itself was a late 50s Gibson model, with mahogany top, back and neck, and a single-bound ebony fretboard.

Keith later pained a psychedelic moon logo on the guitar, during the time he was using the guitar on the Beggars Banquet sessions.

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