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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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charles a hobbyist user from berkeley, usa writes:
cs6x is my first synth. i was thinking about getting a sirius (quasimidi) or roland jx-305. i've considered novation supernova and the access virus kb. but well, jx305 was not in stock. i couldn't find a sirius anywhere (to test) and for a beginner, the supernova confused the s*** out of me. as for access virus, i liked the warm trancy sound of the cs6x better. access sounds were hard and progressive. anyways, so far, i'm satisfied with the cs6x. the only thing is, i bought a floor model, and they forgot to give me a memcard and the cd that comes with it. so i can' do any sequencing yet.

it's pretty easy to make your own sounds. but one thing i haven't figured out is how to create your own patterns for arpeggio, if it's even possible.

sounds are so awesome. and i'm not even using great speakers. i'm just using my altec lansing computer speakers, but still... the neighbors up and below complain from the bass and the squeals. haha. i love it to death.

hmmm...i got the volume pedal, but it sucks. test it out before you buy it. (well, i'm sure there are many different types, but the one i got sure didn't seem to do the job.)

i give it a 4 now because i haven't messed around with its sequencing capabilities and i'm hearing some probs with those who have worked with sequencing. otherwise it's a 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-23-2000 at 13:15
Gunnar Svensson a hobbyist user from Sweden writes:
The filters are superfat!! and the pluggin expansion like plg150-an is a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-29-2000 at 15:17
ben a part-time user from uk writes:
well i have had this for about 8 months,i also own:- 1 supernova, 1 xl-1, 1 akai 3200xl, 1 777 1 jomox airbase 99 all my synths have there own indiv sound,,so ya cant compare any to each other as people seem to do,ya cant say its not as good or its better than any other synth,cos it is its own synth.ive got mine fitted with the plgan1x board aswell,and its a monster,ok the edit system is a bit harsh,but ya have editors to make that easy,the sounds them selves are excellent,with the editors etc ya can create brilliant sounds,and very dynamic and very varied.i use mine for strange pads and leads and also with the analog board,i can get any bass sound or lead,or strange tone i could ever want at the end of the day though its all about the final mix.not 1 synth,its all the synths and the way ya mix them down,and then your method of play back.and compression,and time spent on a sound all in all with the right setup or not,this is a monster,and could literally make a whole track using it,or using the effects avail in multitimb mode ya can use it for certain parts of a whole mix using various synths,either way its a classic piece of kit,well worth the money and well worth spending time learning how it works.and for all the users who class these synths against each other,have a look at the kit list of ya favourite band/producers,youll find the have 1 of each and get the best from all of them...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-11-2000 at 09:43
Kx a part-time user from UK writes:
I have only just got the machine to talk to my PwerBook so I am only basing this on 24 hours of use, but the manual is way better than anything I have seen from Roland, and the sounds kick. I will follow up this when I have started to put the CS6x through it's paces with Logic Audio, but so far the package is looking good for the money. Killer sounds - most of which seem usable, nice feel to keys with lots of controll over sound, good package (CD ROM, Flash Card, Manual) but I have yet to test the support for more.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-31-2000 at 04:58
x a professional user from United States writes:
This is a follow up review. I still think the CS6x is a good board, it's what the CS2x should have been but in the end, for me, I just hated the way I had to work with it.

To those comparing the CS6x to a Nova, come on! The Nova or Nord or anything close in cost to the CS6x are specialty instruments that work within a more narrow range of sounds. They do what they do well but they are not as versitile as the CS6x. Sorry to be harsh but you shouldn't buy something you aren't familiar with. Shit, the manual was available in PDF format on the net. Yeah, it's a bad manual but it was there. I thought I'd get used to the board and kept it for several months but I just hated the user interface.

I ended up with a SY99 which surprisingly has a better manual and is far more intuitive to me than the CS6x. Still, for people that like analog style sounds and real upgradability this is a good synth. Just make sure you like working with it and remember the CS6x is capable of doing a lot of things. It's like a Nord Modular user complaining that they can't get a good acoustic piano sound out of it. So what, that's not the point to that board.

Features: 5 Sound: 5 UI: 1

I'm knocking it down one mark for the terrible manual, interface and lack of support.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-24-2000 at 14:36
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