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  CS-6x At a Glance
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Morten writes:
Having owned nearly half a dozen synths as a hobbyist/semi-pro musician, I find the CS6X to be a great box. It seems to be a great, all-purpose box. I have heard some refer to it as the "Triton-Lite", because it seems to have many features in common with the Triton. Make no mistake, the CS6X is more limiting than the Triton, but for live music, or for expressiveness, I doubt anyone will find the CS6X lacking.

Another interesting point: editing patches on the CS6X is *extremely* easy thanks to the logical front panel controls. I usually hate the minimalist LCD displays for front-panel editing, but I've found this synth to be a blast and easy to edit.

Performances also allow you to use the A/D input like a Wavestation A/D did, which means you can apply effects from the synth to vocals, or anything else you can feed in the "line ins". You can get decent effects running other synths through it.

Comments About the Sounds:
It seems that the folks at Yamaha have borrowed some of my favorite features from my other trusty synth, the Wavestation... the sequenced patches work great for pads, or for any sound that you have time to evolve in a song.

(Thanks to Morten for this info.)
and for the pic

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